Your source for indoor environmental air quality testing, Oak Leaf Field Services, is fully certified with a staff offering 25 years of experience. 

Oak Leaf Field Services offers testing and abatement for indoor air quality related to asbestos, radon, mold and lead.  Even a small amount of these substances may cause health issues

It is highly recommended prior to purchasing a building, that indoor air quality testing be completed.  Lead poisoning is the number one preventable childhood disease in the United States. If you have a pre-1978 building, lead could have been used in the paint.  Mold, while in some cases may be visible, could also be hidden in the cleanest looking structures.  Mold testing will determine the source of the mold and the type.  Many are toxic.  Asbestos is most often found in older factories and homes and can be deadly if disturbed.


While most people may consider outdoor air important for testing and quality, indoor air is equally vital to monitor.  Oak Leaf Field Services works with residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania and their work is guaranteed.

Oak Leaf Field Services is MEIS (Master Environmental Indoor Specialist) certified through the Environmental Solutions Association also located in Pennsylvania.  Oak Leaf Field Services partners with AAC Environmental Inc to provide the most knowledgeable and thorough services available in Pennsylvania and also works closely with the DEP and state of Pennsylvania.

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